It aims to relate contemporary theory and criticism to mass mediated communications and culture and focuses on issues such as mass culture, popular culture, visual culture, commodification of culture, globalization, gender and subculture, media economics, media power, influence and effects, new communication technologies, normative, legal and ethical issues in media, visual representation.

The MCS graduate program draws its main disciplinary resources and academic strengths from METU's departments of History, Political science and Public Administration, Philosophy and Sociology. Students benefit from METU's tradition of academic Excellency through shared teaching across a number of optional courses alongside MCS courses. The courses offered by METU's Graduate School of Informatics and METU's Audiovisual Systems Research and Production Center (GISAM) and its technical facilities at broadcast level are additional assets for MCS.

The interdisciplinary approach enables students to choose courses both from the participating and other departments and structure their studies and specialize according to a wide range of interests.


Admission procedure will be implemented according to the Academic Rules and Regulations Concerning METU Graduate School of Social Sciences.

The program is designed for students from diverse disciplinary backgrounds and, hence, is expected to attract students from a variety of departments. All students enrolled in the program will take three required courses, which aim to equip students with the basic knowledge to grasp theoretical, historical and institutional aspects of the field. Students of the "thesis option" will chose three and the students of "non-thesis option" will chose four "core courses". The remaining courses will be free electives.

Students are required to complete seven credit-courses and a Prothesis Seminar as well as write a conventional M.S. Thesis or present an audio or audiovisual project and write a dissertation of 10000-12000 words.


Eryılmaz, Hüseyincan. The labor process of software development in Turkey, METU-MCS, 2015.

Arıkan, Gökhan. 'Bilim ve Sanat Aylik Kültür Dergisi' periodical witness to troubled times, METU-MCS, 2015.

Çankaya, Ercan. Reflections of conservatism and nostalgia in Yahya Kemal Beyatli and Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar's representation of Istanbul, METU-MCS, 2015.

Karakuş, Ece. Nationalist conservatism and its enemies: Communists, jews, donmehs and free masons in Büyük Dogu, Serdengeçti and Sebilürresad, METU-MCS, 2014.

Tan, Okan. Advertising as ideology: Youth lifestyle and consumer culture in Turkcell's GNCTRKCLL advertising campaign, METU-MCS, 2013.

Tığlı, Özge. Subculture formation of working class youth in turkey: A field research on the case of 'apaches' in Turkey, METU-MCS, 2012.

Alparslan, Ebru Didem. The constitution of the female subject in Emma and The Proud Woman, METU-MCS, 2012.

Konuşlu, Fırat. Production and labor process of the contemporary Turkish private television series, METU-MCS, 2012.

Bayraktaroğlu, Hale Nur. Manipulative function of credit card advertisements in Turkey, METU-MCS, 2011.

Mehrabov, İlkin. Video activism in Turkey: empowerment of oppressed or another kind of surveillance? The case of Karahaber, METU-MCS, 2010.

Polatoğlu, Gamze. Public opinion and the question of Turkish Cypriot identity in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, METU-MCS, 2010.

Koptekin, Derya. Experiencing class differences the case of food retail store workers in Ankara, METU-MCS, 2010.

Çağlayan, Eda. Media, politics and slanted news coverage during election periods-case study of AKP, METU-MCS, 2010.

Sarıtaş, B. Siynem Ezgi. Articulation of Kurdish identity through politicized music of Koms, METU-MCS, 2010.

Akoğlu, Özge. Mock-documentary: questioning of factual discourse of documentary, METU-MCS 2010.

Arslantaş, Selma. The unionization (Problems) conceived by journalists in the post-1980 mediascape in Turkey, METU-MCS, 2009.

Matkap, Sıtkıye. Reconsidering the annexation of the Sanjak of Alexandretta through local narratives, METU-MCS, 2009.

Ertürk, Burcu. Media portrayal of labor movements: a case study on the press coverage of Seydişehir Eti aluminum privatization, METU-MCS, 2008.

Bilge, Deniz. Turkish mainstream press coverage of Greece-related news in years 1994-2000, METU-MCS, 2008.

Eren, Zeynep Ceren. Imagining and positioning gypsiness a case study of Gypsy/Roman Izmir, Tepecik, METU-MCS, 2008.

Sarıyıldız, Hatice Özlem. Graffiti and urban space in Istanbul, METU-MCS, 2007.

Tırman, Ceyda. Representations of labor protests against privatization in Turkish press: the cases of Seka and Tüpraş, METU-MCS, 2007.

Simavi, Zeynep. Tezer Özlü: a marginal voice against the approved notion of the intellectual, METU-MCS, 2006.

Güvelioğlu, Recep. The practice of PR in the public sector, the case of Turkish Airlines : a critical appraisal, METU-MCS, 2006.

Türker, Deniz. The Turkish satiric comedies in the 1980s, METU-MCS, 2006.

Çelebi, Mehmet Celil. "Valley of wolves" as a nationalist text, METU-MCS, 2006.

Ceylan, Tülün Seyhan. Policies of Turkish Radio Television Corporation (TRT): the case of the Directorate of Documentary Programs, METU-MCS, 2006.

Hoşcan, Özlem. The media portrayal of homosexuality in the Turkish press between 1998 and 2006, METU-MCS, 2006.

Taşdemir, Babacan. Digital of television as a new technology: the adoption of digital television in Turkey, METU-MCS, 2006.

Soyseçkin, İdil Safiye. Identity and communication in cyberspace MUDs: gender and virtual culture, METU-MCS, 2006.

Arıcan, Ebru. Representations of children in Kemalettin Tuğcu's novels, METU-MCS, 2006.

Boyraz, Cemil. Book publishing in Turkey: problems and prospects in the context of industrialization, METU-MCS, 2006.

Yalçınkaya, Can Turhan. A shift in the tradition of humour magazines in Turkey: the case of L-Manyak and Lombak, METU-MCS, 2006.

Gün, Çağan. An analysis on the daytime woman talk shows in Turkey, METU-MCS, 2006.

Akpınar, Neslihan Ş. An analysis of the weekend supplements of Turkish daily newspapers: from women's pages to lifestyle guides, METU-MCS, 2006.

Önsal, Başak. Emergence of art galleries in Ankara: a case study of three pioneering galleries in the 1950s, METU-MCS, 2006.

Canar, Burcu. Pop philosophy versus the face: faciality in dermocosmetic advertisements, METU-MCS, 2005.

Balkılıç, Özgür. Kemalist views and works On Turkish folk music during the Early Republican Period, METU-MCS, 2005.

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